Project Facts
Moonweaver is a 2D topdown action adventure game with souls-like game mechanics. Slay your foes to collect the moonlight they've stolen to increase your strength to fight bosses and regain Fragments of the Moon!
The original idea was pitched by me and I was overseeing our group once we formed to start working on the project. I was the programmer and built all the mechanics and features as well as I implemented the assets my team made into the project. In addition to that I also designed and illustrated the game cover, implemented sounds and produced the music. 
First concepts I made of the main character, Aster, for the initial pitch of the project
In a world where humans and the Moon have a cycle of giving and taking spiritual energy from each other,  you're playing as Aster, a weaver who decided to live in the forest near the city she originated from. Aster prepared one of her rituals for the upcoming Fullmoon but notices that something feels off so she takes a look outside and she can't see the Moon. Something glowing falls behind her house and it turns out to be a fragment of the Moon which tells Aster that she broke apart due to the people not giving enough energy back but that they rather keep it for themselves. It's now your task to go on your way with your trusty scissor to claim back all the other Moon-Fragments!

Moonweaver Game Cover

Moonweaver was created over the course of two months in a team of 4 as our final submission for the 3rd semester.
Used software: Unity, Wwise, Aseprite, Photoshop, FL Studio 21
My fields of responsibility: Project management, Programming, Sound-/Musicdesign, Implementation in Unity, Cover Design

Main Theme

Ambient Soundtrack

Boss Theme

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