"The Skyward Journey" was created over the course of 1 1/2 days with a team of 6.
The game is based on the movie "As the Wind Rises" by Ghibli.
My tasks: Programming in Unity, Implementation of Assets, Soundtrack
In this game the player has to control a paperplane with their mouse to fly through the scenery and follow a specific path in order to get points. It's an endlessly scrolling game and the player gains more points if they manage to follow the paths correctly in a given timeframe.

Team Members: Diana Weber
                             Kilian Braßel
                             Max Willms
                             Nina Pedersen
                             Felix Kiß
                             Daniel Sumkin
"Universe Talk" was created over the course of 1 1/2 days as well, with a team of 6 people.
This game was inspired by the movie "Everything, Everywhere All At Once"
My tasks: Programming in PyCharm, Soundtrack
This game is a visual novel where the player needs to make the right decision to keep their friend from moving away. If the player doesn't manage to keep their friend in the first universe, the same situation will repeat in 3 different universes with no way for the player to keep their friend from moving. Each universe has a unique twist to it with different dialogues.

Team Members: Diana Weber
                             Ellie Düwel
                             Julia Heinrich
                             Jacy Zeitz
                             Ines Hirschfeld
                             Aimée Jacob
"Lurkers in the Nightlight" was made over the course of two weeks with a team of 6 people. The theme for this game jam was
My tasks: Music
Lurkers in the Nightlight is game about a child who doesn't make it home before dark and now has to face scary monsters as a consequence. Their only weapon? A flashlight and a lighter.

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